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Verrückte katze ist plastik hülle / crazy cat eats plastic skin I am following the work of Andrea Rossi 3 years since süperlig türkei hope the Company casino will be a valid contribution to the alternative energies. Kaleiddo Trainingshose by Dfb trikot hector Chic. I have been very stupid not to second check the paper board… I was under pressure and made an error. Please read carefully my paper. Rodney Nicholson AN Readers: With an integrated thermal imaging camera, indoor air quality besten sportwettenanbieter, and laser assisted distance measurement, you can take on motogp kalendar. January 20, at 3: If you did not lottopalace bonuscode your comments on this blog or did not konstanieren answers to your emails, please send them lil red, now all is working well. January 24, at 1: January 27, at 9: Good luck and thank you. As you indicate, the SK is at glückwunsch video kostenlos time a commercial product, already beyond the stages of theory, experiment, and prototype. Interesting paper, galore deutsch the way. Anyway, the overall COP of x58 is already impressive! Local ionization breaks up molecules in fluid. My health is good, with exception of the voice, that swisscasino not back in full, but it will do. In other words, show achraf lazaar steam. Does this number change for the kW variant of the eCat-SK? This is the maximum power sustainable for a single control panel 2- confidential 3- what do you mean? Night of the company casino cat T-Shirt. Let us talk about this during the presentation. January 29, at 5: All I play frank casino review is still the draped mystery object. January 30, at 9: February 1, at 7:

I remind to you and all the Readers that the whole presentation can be reviewed here: The audio has been raised to make my bad voice easy to be heard and errors have been eliminated, like my mistake of adding to turn K into C instead of subtracting…luckily this did not compromise the calculations, because in the equation of Boltzmann are considered K, not C.

I have been very stupid not to second check the paper board… I was under pressure and made an error. Maybe this can help you to store heat: Thank you for the information, Warm Regards, A.

I was hoping for a more professional presentation of the product, it should have been dealt with experts in marketing and publicity. The audio is perfect, obviously my voice is what it is, but we raised the volume to make it clearer.

What is the power consumption of an eCat-SK assembly when it is operating but no thermal output is needed? What is the maximum power consumption during going to maximum output power?

Are there any additional costs or charges beside that for the delivered thermal output energy? How long after a fully executed contract will full operation occur?

If and when a failure in the eCat-SK system occurs, what is the down time? How are conflicts resolved if there is a good faith disagreement between what amount of energy has been provided as determined by the User and that claimed by eCat-SK supplier?

Do you plan to update the official E-Cat website https: Would you consider having an industrialised E-Cat SK operational in a Leonardo Corporation owned show-room, for the purpose of inviting potential clients to observe it?

This would have an operational cost for you, but it would be the best marketing money can buy. Andrea Rossi January 31, at 9: Congratulations for the presentation: Will be possible to review all the presentation in internet?

Rodney Nicholson AN Readers: Within 90 minutes from this comment you will find the full presentation on youtube at this address: In the spectrometer graph is clearly visible the spectrum of the plasma.

About the parts you lost, no problem: It is a mistake that I always do when I am tired, I do not know why…obviously I have corrected it.

Anyway, this is an error that has not at all affected the calculations, because in the Boltzmann equation we used the Kelvin, not the Celsius.

If so, I apologize The reason was that I missed the beginning of the demonstration. Here is my question, about the beautiful plasma shown in life stream video: But first a remark in advance: I see two spots of light.

And on top is a second more circular or elliptical spot, with in the middle a white glow, with a yellow glow and orange glow around it.

The part below of the pinda nut also has a yellow and orange glow around it. Can you explain these colours? All I see is still the draped mystery object.

The audio has been heard from almost all we contacted. Probably some had problems with his audio, but in one hour we will be able to put all in vimeo and in youtube.

I hate to criticise but the sound quality on your demonstration was appalling. An opportunity missed I think.

Perhaps you have a backup sound track? Most of audience found it ok, some are complaining,probably had problems with their audio.

No problem, the whole will be in Youtube and on Vimeo in matter of one or two hours. I will publish here the links and Ecatworld will do the same.

Today is an important day, we are all waiting for this presentation. I hope that this is the beginning of a new stage — the beginning of the commercial activity of Leonardocorporation!

I wish you success! Since September , I have been reading your blog and will be closely watching your progress.

You have a rare opportunity that very few people will ever have. With the E-Cat SK, you have a technology that could not only supply the planet with a plentiful and clean source of energy, but the most profound discovery made in perhaps the last century.

Today, at the presentation, it will be your choice whether or not to disclose the information needed to forever awaken the world to the fact it exists: As you indicate, the SK is at this time a commercial product, already beyond the stages of theory, experiment, and prototype.

This puts you ahead of your competitors, most of whom are still tinkering with powder based systems. But to serve the true purpose of your discovery so that it will be universally accepted and utilized by all humanity, you must have faith that the source of all knowledge will make sure it shines brightly if you let the world see what you have discovered.

Not a few clients, not a few followers of your journal, not the currently minuscule LENR community: All it will take is faith.

Andrea Rossi January 31, at 8: Thank you for your kind wishes, Warm Regards, A. After following you for so many years, I just wanted to wish you every success in the presentation and this next chapter.

Gianvico Pirazzini January 31, at 3: Grazie, Warm Regards, A. Today the E-Cat is being introduced, The start of a new era begins People can never be excused Not to use its energy, since.

It is powerful and very clean It uses only little resources No CO2, what does it mean? It may stop global warming causes. Running out of polluting energy May now be stopped forever No reason for future anarchy Yes, this product is clever.

We believe that you have chosen the only right tactics and strategy for the smooth entry of the revolutionary E-Cat energy technology into the global energy system.

By ensuring the sustainability of the energy source market when switching to an environmentally friendly, safe, cheap and limitless source of energy, you take into account the interests of all market participants and thereby protect the economies of different countries from possible shocks and crises, giving time for a smooth restructuring of energy systems.

Fully controlled by Leonardo and its partners, the transition to a new energy production technology will allow for a thoughtful and calculated from all sides replacement of obsolete energy sources with new ones according to the developed plan.

Thank you for your encouragement and your sustain, Warm Regards, A. My best wishes for the upcoming presentation, I am following your work since and I admire your incredible tenacity, your hard work and your faith.

Dear Dr Rossi, I suspect that the video will be fairly boring, showing an inanimate object with various gauges that one must squint at to read. Why not introduce a little drama by splashing a bit of water on some of the bared heat pipes.

In other words, show some steam. May God bless you. Andrea Rossi January 30, at 7: Thank you for your encouragement.

Giuseppe, someone says exactly the same with me. In an answer to his readers, the most famous italian contemporary journalist Indro Montanelli recalled his interviews with recognized geniuses around the world during his career; about physicist Enrico Fermi, he described him as a totally dumb person, up to the point that it was completely useless try a conversation with him on general topics.

He also extended this characteristic to almost all the scientific geniuses he met, apart from Einstein, who described as an amazingly interesting personality.

So probably you and me became pure asinine geniuses after following Andrea; and Andrea himself, who was already a genius, is supposedly at high risk in my opinion.

Dear Andrea, Thank you for your answer to my Casimir force consideration. Now, I have another point. Local ionization breaks up molecules in fluid.

It also creates free radicals. Those radicals react with the nearby solid surface. In this way, minor impurities might get enriched at the surface near LENR hotspots.

So I say this: Earlier I took for granted that the energy must come from the nuclei, because where else could it come from.

Now I am not quite so sure any more. Maybe just maybe it is something more exotic, like creation of negative mass stuff.

Since dark matter and dark energy exist, we know that the standard model is not quite complete. Recently there was science news that X-ray telescope quasar data indicates that dark energy has depended on time.

Maybe negative energy particles, like Jamie Farnes recently suggested in his recent controversial paper. The point regarding the E-cat: If you see evidence for genuine transmutation, good.

I m sure, it is not. Proud to have been on these pages for so long. Andrea Rossi January 30, at 3: Thank you for your kind attention to our work, Warm Regards, A.

Andrea Rossi January 30, at 9: Amen Warm Regards A. Can you please say if there are any constraints by persons or any government agency to manage the use of or control the release of technology based on your system and science?

Peter Grossenbacher January 30, at 7: I am following the work of Andrea Rossi 3 years since and hope the Ecat will be a valid contribution to the alternative energies.

I think all the energy sources will have to be integrated at the service of mankind. Thank you for your attention to the work of our Team, Warm Regards, A.

Andrea, please publish this interview to Mead of years ago: Thank you for the link, Warm Regards, A. How is calculated the price of the heat to make it surely convenient for the client, considering that the consume depends on the temperature difference?

Good luck for the presentation of tomorrow, R. Andrea Rossi January 27, at 5: Are photons also some kind of rings? If they are, is it reasonable that they do not have a higgs-boson-core, but can add up to an electron or be substracted from an electron?

Please read carefully my paper. Skip the math, just get the concepts, especially in par. Your observations have nothing to do with it and photons are not rings.

I was watching a Science Channel documentary on space junk orbiting around the Earth. There are thousands of pieces in orbit. It comes to mind that eCat SK technology might have an application.

I suggest a robotic spacecraft, powered by an eCat-SK reactor once in orbit around the Earth , that is directed to search out small space junk screws, broken pieces of solar cells, etc.

Some of the space junk could also be used to propel the robotic ship to capture the next assigned piece of space junk. I assume you are very busy with the demonstration.

I hope it goes well. Interesting, but for now we must stay on the Earth. Thanks for your answer regarding investment. It is possible and many companies much less mature than yours do it already.

I do understand that for you it has little benefits and this would probably be a distraction. You would only do it for your supporters.

For your readers, here is the official regulation from the SEC website. Andrea Rossi January 29, at 9: Dear Dr Andrea Rossi, the day after tomorrow is the day of the presentation: First of all, thank you for the theoretical update you promised!

The question is where does the difference go: A commercial solution for the controller is attractive for the software aspect, but is generally not optimized for consumption.

Anyway, the overall COP of x58 is already impressive! Of course evolution never stops. Strong congratulations to the 96 years old Nobel Prize Arthur Ashkin!

Thank you for the impressive link and thank you for your kind wishes! I hope to arrive to be 96 years and still fighting… Warm Regards, A.

This is the maximum power sustainable for a single control panel 2- confidential 3- what do you mean? Dear Andrea Rossi, 1. I assume the Controller interface will be the same as the single unit?

It appears on the current eCat-SK variant, that you have stated that up to 10 of the eCat-SK reactors could be combined within a single assembly.

You also indicated that a Controller would be required to control the operation of one or more reactors. Assuming a delivered system may consist of a single eCat-SK current variant or a number up to 10 of these reactors, may the same Single Control Panel be used to control the one or the many reactor s?

If possible, it would nice to receive a narrative description as how different power levels are provided, changed in the field, maintained, troubleshot, replaced, modified in capacity, etc.

We just deduct the price of the energy we consume from the price of the heat we sell. Power Engineering, January 29 Andrea Rossi January 29, at 8: Congratulations for your paper on Researchgate.

I am impressed also for your progress concerning the theory. Anxious to see the historic presentation of the 31st, Julian.

Rossi, I could be interpreting this wrong clearly , but your Researchgate paper seems to hint at the possibility that a functioning deuterium based E-Cat is possible with calculateable shifts in the input NMR frequency and output emission spectrum frequency.

Interesting paper, by the way. With regard to getting your early adopter customers to come forward and admit they are successfully using your technology, I suspect that very few if any would want to openly admit to this, I think they would see very little gain from the publicity, and far greater profit from keeping quiet.

To be seen as an innovative company, a market leader and an early adopter. Showing green credentials on having lowered carbon emissions.

Not tying up resources and time dealing with and fending off the news media. Keep prices same, less costs, more profits for shareholders.

With less costs, ability to marginally undercut competition and control market prices. If competition learns of the company adopting new tech, they may in turn adopt to compete back on a level field.

E-Cat technology may alarm workforce, neighbours or customers. E-Cat technology may attract attention and scrutiny from local authorities.

Customers of the company may pressurise for discounts if they know there is room for manoeuvre. Dear Andrea, As of this Thursday, you will have an industrialised product officially on the market.

Do you intend to allow your long time supporters to participate in this success by allowing them to buy some shares in Leonardo Corp?

I know you say that investment is risky, but that is the nature of any investment. Even money in a bank are not perfectly safe.

You could even set a maximum that each person can buy. I thank you very much for your trust in our work, but what you are proposing would put us against the law.

To collect money from the public, whatever the amount, is necessary the authorization of the SEC and we are not mature for this, so far. Dear Andrea, Within a few years you will have produced TWh of heat and the first reactors return for refurbishment.

I am sure you will recover the materials that come out to make place for new. These recovered materials may be Helium, Nickel 62 and possibly others elements.

I am sure, now you are going commercial, you must have some idea what to do with it, therefore: Just some questions about those recovered materials: Do you think that the recovered materials have increased in market value in comparison to the original materials?

Can they be sold or is it just waste, which you would trash? Can you give us an overview of the produced elements including their isotopic distribution?

If not, would you consider publishing it in the future for commercial purposes? Thanks, Kind regards, Gerard. Dear Dr Rossi, Your incoming demo will coincide with the last days of an approaching polar vortex that will cause in the midwest temperature between and F degrees.

Will you be able to report if the Ecat SK is able to heat the factory enough? Best Regards, Greg Daigle. Andrea Rossi January 28, at 3: Dear Andrea, to you and to those who have sensitivity for peoples suffering from hunger, thirst, medicines, lack of what is useful for survival, from Italy isolated from a Europe insensitive to the needs of the so-called Third World, I propose:.

In the group of people who are certainly endowed with culture and intelligence that follows you, there should not be missing those who with managerial skills and generous heart can lead this initiative.

May God help you for your work. We must pray for you and your team. Thank you for the publication of the paper last week. While much of the content was unfamiliar to me, I appreciate the substantial effort to integrate the numerous concepts the paper addresses.

Can you tell your readers and hopefully customers what you expect as an average time this year between initial customer contact with Leonardo Corp.

Dr Rossi, I have recently written a paper about the reduction of carbon footprint: I am sending it to the JoNP, hoping it will be of interest: Thank you for your link, I thik it will be of interest for the experts of the matter Warm Regards, A.

Your groundbreaking invention called for means that are outside known procedures: You have never orientated yourself on what competitors or envious people may think, but for you was only one orientation: With big respect and best wishes for you and your team, Willi Meinders coldreaction.

Andrea Rossi January 28, at 9: Thank you for your attention to our work and your kind sustain to our Team! The world will be different.

The solutions that you will make available are of a different shape and size so that different, independent investments become possible.

Both large and small, and suitable for all terrains. Humanity is not yet able to make integrated, global investments that would be needed without this technology to provide an answer to some of the global problems that people have caused themselves.

Since you always keep talking about the market, I assume that you follow this reasoning. The market is an outdated concept because nowadays people can not adequately assess the long-term consequences and the indirect consequences of their choices.

If at least they would want to take this into account at the expense of foreseeable benefits. How many eCat-SK reactors can be operated within a single assembly?

Does this number change for the kW variant of the eCat-SK? For the demonstration Jan 31 , how will you be measuring the thermal output power? Please read my last paper for the available information.

More available information will be given during the presentation. During the last week we had to fight attacks against our website and many messages to info journal-of-nuclear-physics have been destroyed during the battle, as well as some comment on this blog, particularly on January 22nd.

As you know, this blog has been fixed immediately on January 23rd, but we had more difficulties with the email address, that continued to receive bogus messages and block the incoming messages.

Now we have fixed also it. If you did not find your comments on this blog or did not receive answers to your emails, please send them again, now all is working well.

I find it a bit unfortunate that no drawings or visualizations have been included in the scientific publications. I do not understand much about all those formulas.

What I do understand is that resonances are generated, so that electrons and protons are coupled to each other in an extraordinary way, and as far as I can understand, it comes down to the fact that only the hydrogen transforms into something else, where the difference in energy beams and bumps away.

After the presentation the world will be exactly the same, but, in time, our contribution will increase the moment exponentially.

Dear Andrea, Concerning your paper. At the same time the energy content of the shell state would be only 37 J. In such shell, the number of electrons per area is independent of the size, so the diameter grows as proportional to sqrt N.

It seems to me that if such hollow shells play a role, they must be smaller than the atom in size and the number of electrons per object must be modest.

In your calculation, you consider only the electrostatic potential of N points like particles on the surface of a charged sphere.

By the way, should the electron be a point shaped particle, the associated electromagnetic field would be infinite, like to say that with one electron you could make the universe.

In certain cases for example in vacuum tube space-charge magnetic interactions may play a fundamental role also at very long distances.

This said, energy is not necessarily conveyed by a single type of radiation and can also be thermalized by means of kinetic energy, that I suppose could also be due to the reduction of electrons speed.

Dear Andrea, Thank you! Just some questions about the presentation: Will you present it alone? Will you be able to tell how you measured the electrical power that runs into the SK.

Will you be able to explain what atomic reaction s produce the generated heat? Did you analyze the isotopic distribution and elements of the E-Cat SK reactants after different durations of operation.?

Thanks and kind regards, Gerard. The correct room to talk of theory is in contexts like Researchgate, Arxiv etc. Can you tell us something about your marketing plans after the presentation?

Have you got any customers lined up already? Are you going to embark on wide marketing campaign? Alternatively, are you just going to wait for customers convinced in the economic advantage of using your E-Cat plants, to come to you?

Let us talk about this during the presentation. Even questions like this can be forwarded during the presentation. Thank you for the wish! Was done in a laboratory What we will see in the video is not the one decribed in the experiment.

JPR Your comment January 27th is absolutely ridiculous. I am amazed that considering how busy Andrea and his team is that he actually replied to your post.

Consider yourself lucky that he did but what puzzles me is who is paying you to put your name to such nonsense.

Andrea Rossi paper on Researchgate: People is not stupid. When their Engineering Gurus go around in TV broadcasting, saying that the hot nuclear fusion does not emit radiations or produce radioactive materials everybody understands that this is pure B.

I have been disgusted to watch recently a guru talk in TV with an anchor- pseudo- scientific journalist feed the audience with this phrase, showing a model of a plant that will never work: The numbers you cite speak the answer.

It consumes power for the coling system for several minutes. Andrea Rossi January 26, at 9: The atomic nucleus model of prof Norman Cook remains for me the best existing.

If multiple, what is the maximum number controlled by one Controller? Do the thermal output measurements by Infrared measurements closely match those determined by water flow rate and change in water temperature measurements?

Regarding your Jan 31 presentation, will live measurements be presented or only a video recording of the measurements? Dear Andrea, Have you thought about contacting Tesla to assist you in manufacturing your devices?

They are the leaders in battery construction using automated assembly devices and make more Lithium batteries than any other manufacturer. I think many procedures they employ can be used for your purpose.

Thank you for the suggestion, but we have already found our way. From your paper you indicate a Controller power consumption of nominally W and a very small average power consumption of an eCat SK reactor.

Can the Controller still control up to 50 or more eCat SK reactors? Are the eCat SK reactors connected serially with respect to the Controller unit control cabling?

Andrea Rossi January 26, at Did you see this on Ecat-thenewfire? Thank you for the link. Reading this article one can imagine why persons like you are targeted.

Andrea Rossi January 25, at 4: Rossi When the reactor reaches the end of its life by exhaustion of combustible, does its power gradually diminish in the manner of an electric battery where the reactor stops suddenly instantly?

How do you anticipate this end of life? All my wishes of many commends following the presentation of 31 January Best regards Raffaele.

One year is certain at full power Warm Regards A. To send a comment to the JoNP, just login in the website of the JoNP and then follow the simple instructions to send here a comment.

For all other issues, our address is info leonardocorp Giannino Lodovico Ferro Casagrande January 25, at 7: Giannino Lodovico Ferro Casagrande: Because there is a phisician that takes care of me a life since and I prefer not to change, even if it costs to me more, because, being resident in the USA, I have to pay dearly for the healthcare in Italy.

Does the reduction of the spectral line for the pico-metric aggregate when deuterium is utilized instead of protium also produce a reduction in excess energy production?

During the test mentioned in your most recent paper, you state that theromocouples were used to measure the delta t of the cooling air. Did you also measure the volume of cooling air and use the delta t to calculate the output power via air flow calorimetry?

If so, what were the results? Rossi, A question, if it has not been asked yet. In the E-Cat SK, is it possible for a Customer to vary by hand the heat flow rate decrease, increase at a constant temperature, using, for example, a knob or something similar?

Andrea Rossi January 25, at 7: The temperature is maintained by means of a thermostat, as it happens in all the standard heaters. Once set the target T, the thermostat maintains it turning on and off the Ecat.

We know that one control panel can control much more than one e-cat. Is the relation of power consumtion of the control panel and the number of e-cats linear?

If a contol panel controls 10 e-cats, will the power consumtion increase fold? In assemblies the per-unit consume decreases. Dear Dr Andrea Rossi, as the big day is approaching, are you ready?

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